Monday, January 9, 2012

A change in plans

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. I'm glad one of my friends told me that a few years ago as I follow those words every day. Sometimes things go so well, and some times it can feel like your life comes to a sudden halt. This past Tuesday my good friend and coworkers wife passed away. She had fought cancer for just over a year. Every day, with all that was going on with his wife as well as raising his two kids with no help, this man sauntered in with a smile on his face and was ready to work. I am really amazed by Scott, now more than ever. I wish this could have gone any other way, but this is life. It is so weird how it takes a death to really make you think. What am I doing in life? What is my purpose? To me, my biggest question is am I making a difference in life? If nothing else, my goal is to change the life of someone, anyone. It could be my soon to be wife, my best friend, or some random stranger that finds this blog out of nowhere. I want to leave a legacy, no matter what it may be. And with that, I bid you goodnight. I am going to work on more content to really get this site going. And as the popular saying goes - the show goes on.

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